Graphic Designer & Hand Letterer


Direct + conceptual.
Design, illustration, and lettering for brands that care about people.


Jon King
aka. the ging beard

Throughout my time as a designer I have always tried to make sure my passion and enthusiasm for my work has shone through.  As an independent designer I have been blessed to work with many amazing clients and agencies that have honed my skill set and shown me that when I work along side a team I often achieve my greatest potential. 

Through the platform of freelance I have learned to self edit, think critically and ask big questions of my work to further my ideas and develop greater creativity. While realizing these creative goals I have also become accustomed to tight deadlines and overarching communication which I find vital to the Design community.

I believe the moment you stop learning and challenging yourself, is the moment you become irrelevant, which is why I set high standards for my work and relish a challenge. #bringiton

Most days I look like a fashionable Viking with a tendency for jovial conversation, good coffee, and surrounding myself with people that inspire and push my creative boundaries. I sing like a songbird, or so I’ve been told, which is why I studied both design and opera in college.

Note: I was once bribed with fancy cheese... I took the bribe.