Graphic Designer & Hand Letterer


Less Design = More Thought


Well here we go guys. Im blogging. And Im scared. Luckily I have my cup of Joe next to me to soothe my nerves (how does that work?). I've been working up to this day with some hesitation because to be honest, blogging is intimidating to me. But I want to tackle something new. Something to inspire me and you. Its exciting for me to start a blog because I'm not sure whats going to come out of it. Its especially exciting when your Joe was extra strong that morning and you are bouncing around your kitchen having a heart attack... but now I'm off on a rabbit trail. I want to blog so I can record my creative thoughts somewhere, and I hope that you will join me by reading these thoughts and sharing them with like minded people! 
So strap on in and get ready for some creative, musical, wino inspired posts brought to you by yours truly and friends. 

Jon King