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Hand Lettering | Ligature Collective

So I really haven't been lettering for that long. I admit it. I'm just that good... 91% sarcasm, 9% narcissism

The last few weeks have been lettering heaven. I had the pleasure of hosting AIGA Wisconsin's Morning Blend event, where I taught a little bit about my personal lettering process and got to show off all the cool pens I own ( and spend way to much money on ). I also finalized a few letting logos that you will see on the website soon! Finally I have been working on a few lettering pieces for a lettering competition put on by the Ligature Collective

These guys have been a huge inspiration to me since their beginning in January 2014. The last few weeks they've had a competition to add 2 new members to their group, and I wanted to show you my entries! They still haven't announce who won the two spots yet ( crossing my fingers ) but I wanted to show you guys the hard work I put in!

Show me some love by tellimg me what you think of the designs in the comments and giving them love on Instagram!  1 -&- 2