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In Our Natural State | Children

A few years ago in school I made this poetry book for class. Probably my most recognized and personal favorite pieces I have ever made. Its called Pictures & Poetry and the images in it are double exposed photographs of my sister that I took for the book.

This past Jan. a former coworker of mine saw the photos and loved them so much she wanted me to take pictures of her kids similar to the photographs I had taken for the book. I agreed and was very excited to expand on this photo series/look I had created. The hard part is each photo is a piece of art specific to itself and takes a lot of coaxing to develop into the final photo. Fortunately spring finally arrived and I had some time to get out and take some photos that work wonderfully for the children!

If you would like to know more about how I made created these let me know in the comments below and I may write a more detailed tut on it!

Here the the finals of Norah & Avyen. Stunning if I may say so myself. ;)


A little about the process if you are interested:

I have to take several different photoshoots to get the final product. One of the subject and then several shots of nature and texture to overlay on top to make the final print. Each photo needs to fit with the others to create a beautiful image, not just be slapped on top, so I end up taking lots of photos. The backgrounds of all the photos are important as well. Light and dark backgrounds react to the double exposure differently so there is a lot of experimentation going on.