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RECreated // THE WORN

Since I was little I have always had a knack/passion for repurposing and recreating objects and materials. This passion has spilled over into my adult life (go figure) and I am excited to share some of my creations with you!


Some of my recent endeavors as a creative have exposed me to new worlds of designers, artists and talent. I have recently been inspired, by some of my cohorts up in St. Paul, in the area of fashion design and lifestyle aesthetic. Thank you Veronica Mae, Jett Photography, Parallel Pulse and Coast 10 Clothing for the inspiration! Please check them out, and follow their work. They rock!

Kenton Sorenson is a wonderful friend of mine and an amazing leather artisan who has been featured in both GQ and Esquire. He has studio space in the same building I work in so when I need a break from my work I head upstairs and give him a break from his ;). I have always loved leather goods and wanted to create something using leather but I have never had the chance. Until about a week ago when Kenton let me permanently borrow a few larger pieces of leather that he wasn't able to use and my creative mind started spitting out ideas of what I could do with it. Because of all the recent fashion inspiration I had been getting from my colleagues I decided the leather needed to be infused into my closet somehow.

Welcoming to Jon King's closet 2014, the Highlighter Pocket Sweatshirt.
Mossimo Grey Highlighter Sweatshirt & Natural leather


I suckered my little sister into wearing the piece in our frigid Wisconsin weather (-5 degrees) for a very brief shoot so I could share it with you all. I loved the process of creating this and still have cloths/fashion on the brain which means I will be making more pieces soon so keep your eyes out because they probably wont be for me... They will be for you!