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Creative Collective // Anything Goes

So here we are again on this fine, warm, Wisconsin Wed. with the newest addition to Creative Collective! This week we get the chance to create some "anything goes art" which at first was a challenge for me. Being a professional artist that tends to plan things out and think way to much about the art I am creating made things tough. I decided to mess around in Photoshop on a new photography series I am working on and that's when things started to get fun!


This new body of work will be an exploration of a series of double exposed images that I created in college. I love this series and that is why I wanted to explore it further. To see my original series click // here // It was fun to dabble and explore where this new series could go and not worrying about how good the images look but instead find the potential or lack of potential  in each image!

The originals were also featured in a poetry book I designed call Pictures & Poetry and featured on Neenah Papers blog! It was so much fun and I am so excited to expound on this series!


Leave feedback if you like! Hearing what other people think about the direction Im going is always good!

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