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Creative Collective // Skillshare

This week the Creative Collective prompt was to - Take a Skillshare class -
Easy right? Kinda. Actually not really.

I have personally never taken a Skillshare class (and still haven't! oops.) but after checking it out I was blown away. There are classes on everything and anything creative, and after browsing for 5 mins I already wanted to take 10 different classes. A good problem to have I suppose.


This past weekend I went to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point NOWhere Design Conference (my alma mater) where I took a workshop that I am using as my "Skillshare" class! It was a hand lettering workshop which is very popular on Skillshare so I figured it would count. Good enough right? The workshop was hosted by the very talented Xavier Casalta from France. He is an incredibly talented letter and works very hard at developing his craft. You have to check his work out. It is amazing. I was lucky enough to get to know him pretty well and cant wait to take a trip to France for a visit!!!

I haven't gotten a chance to transfer my design to nice artist paper but that is the next step! Let me know if you want one because I want to make prints to give out!


Xavier Casalta // WEB

Insta-Fam // @JonTheGingBeard @CasaltaXavier