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Deciding to be a freelance has been an awesome ride already. Its constantly pushing (sometimes stressing) me to be a better design. I don't have professors and other students telling me how to do something and teaching me the best way to do this or that. Its all on me. Its great. I love it. it can be a little scary at times but that is part of the thrill for me. I'm currently starting a new project for a dancer that I cant wait to show some work from, but until I can, I thought I would share my mood board for recent client I just finished up with and posted on the site. Photography by Kyah Jo.

My favorite part of the design process has always been the initial development stage. Conceptualizing a brand and developing a visual story is soothing to this creatives soul. I love creating mood boards for clients. Its like one big collage party! Design blogs, Pinterest, fashion, color, my own created designs etc. all come together into a single visual that best represents what I envision the clients final logo to Feel like six weeks down the road. Usually my first stop when creating a mood board is Pinterest. I love how simple it is to find many visual elements in a relatively short amount of time. I also love using Behance which has thousands of wonderful creative people with amazing and inspirational work.

In a recent post, "Aural Moodboard," I was inspired to create a mood board using music instead of visual elements. I am fascinated by how a logo would develop from a moodboard like this and what it would look like. Music affects everyone so differently and on such an emotional level. Where visuals is more of an aesthetic entity (at least in design), music is more gut and emotional product. I wonder if a logo inspired by music would have a stronger emotional attachment to a brand than a visually inspired logo? This could be useful for many clients that rely on the emotional connection of their clients (ex, certain non profs, wedding photographers, businesses that supply help for others etc.) What are your thoughts on music inspired mood boards?

How do you develop your mood boards and branding concepts? What are some of your favorite tips and tricks to developing mood boards?


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Jon Kingmoodboard, Kyah Jo