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WALLPAPER 1 // Tis the season // almost


I know that Christmas is still over a month off but the holiday itch is already being scratched. I had made this design a month ago and I thought I would share it as a computer background with you all!

The first is a colorful fall orange version for those of you who who aren't quite ready to leave Autumn and its beautiful bright colors behind. I personally love the richness of this one!

The second is a lovely blue version that I hope you enjoy. This is for the those out there who are already embracing Winter and Christmas cheer ;) You know who you are! // It also gives the Autumn lovers (me) a wallpaper to use when we finally have no choice but to enjoy the beauty of cool, crisp Winter!

ps. This is my first wallpaper and if anyone has some suggestions or thoughts please let me know! Leave me a not if you download it and tell me what you think! And always share the love with your friends!

2560 x 1400 // 1680 x 1050 // 1440 x 900 // 1280 x 800

2560 x 1400 // 1680 x 1050 // 1440 x 900 // 1280 x 800