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Actually the trash really wasn't treasure, it was pretty much junk but it sounded good.

A few weeks ago I was driving around the neighborhood, and was intrigued by my neighborhoods garbage. Strange? Maybe, but I enjoyed looking at the different garbage people threw out and how they were randomly arranged on the side of the road. It was rather fascinating to see what things were stuffed inside of other things, inside of other things, inside of bags, inside of boxes.


My trash snooping lead me to grabbing my camera and taking some shots of said garbage. Again strange, and others must have thought so too because the local Police Officer stopped me and asked me what I was doing because someone thought I was casing their house. I thought this was funny because I live in a neighborhood of older people so Im not sure what Gramps next door has that I would want to jack, but it must be cool. It was also kind of comical trying to explain to the cop that I was just taking pictures of garbage because I thought it was interesting... the crazy things artists do.

Anyhow! After taking photos of the neighborhoods garbage I was inspired to do a little photo manipulation and add some text to tell you a short story. I love telling stories and I almost made this a social commentary on Woman's Rights and going Green but that was a little serious for me today.  Instead  just envision the garbage as your great Grandma Helen and your drunk friend Sam and I think you will enjoy my trashy pictures... I just had to fit that in somewhere ;)





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