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Creative Collective // Mixtape #2

This is my second post for The Creative Collective, which has been such a great community blogging experience for me and everyone should check it out!


I had several ideas for this playlist and I started with some music that was very personal to me but it didn't pan out into a playlist... it wasn't interesting. So thanks to Pandora and several friends, I found some amazing new music! I love finding new artists and music to listen to. I attribute this to the fact that not only am I a designer by trade but I am also a professional musician and have a degree in Vocal Performance. Recently I have been writing and performing when I can find the time. I love being on stage. I would do it every day if I could! One day that will be a reality. One day.

The songs on this playlist are very new to me with the exception of a few songs, and even those are new, I have just listened to them obsessively for the last 2 weeks so they don't seem as new as the others. When I find a song/artist I like I cant help but put them on repeat! Its a blessing, not a curse ;)

Please check out all these artists. Most of them are still up and coming and need all the support they can get, so lets help them out! Hopefully some day soon you can also support me by listening to my new music! Until then check out this Creative Collective playlist on Spotify. If you don't have Spotify you dont know what you are missing and you need to download it now! It will change your life and only takes a few mins (they should be paying me haha). It changed the way I experienced music! Amazing!

Listen to the playlist below or find me on your Spotify Player and check out this and many other fun playlists to enjoy later!
Listen // Spotify

If you are interested in hearing me perform check out my cover of Not In Nottingham // here // I recorded, produced and shot the video as well! So much fun!

Photo Credit: Jon King Design