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So This Is What I Wore // Get To Know

I recently reconnected with a high school friend, Kathryn Morrison, who has just joined the vast blogging community. She has just started her own fashion blog focusing on woman's wearable fashion. Check it out // here // and get to know her a little better below! Its a fun read!

What was the first thing you did this morning?
I got up and worked out. That was the start of my morning. Jillian Michaels… on mute with my Pandora blasted because I find her annoying sometimes. ;)


What do you wish to accomplish?
I want to accomplish being successful in whatever I do. Whether that is fashion someday or having a family. I just want to be great at whatever I set my hand to.

Describe one thing you have learned?
I get to choose how I feel about situations and how I respond to things. There are times when I'm like… “Wait I get to choose how this affects me and how I react.” I can choose to live and move on. Its great! Its empowering. It just hit me the other day.


When did you realize you were a fashionista?
It started a few years ago and I didn't really realize it till my mom and sister brought it up. People started commenting on things that were just natural to me and what I did. Whether it was my hair or nails of cloths. I realized maybe I did have knack for this kinda of thing.

Who or what inspires your current fashion?
Pinterest is a huge help! I’ve always been a fan of Audry Hepburn, so any time I can keep it classy like her I do. Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sara Jessica Parker from Sex in the City) is a big inspiration as well because she can do crazy fashion but also pulls it together to make it work. And its not cookie cutter fashion. Its unique. Any time I have the mindset of Carrie Bradshaw, someone comments that I look like her and I'm like “NAILED IT!”

What fashion trend are you embarrassed to have been a part of?
Lets see… Ok here is the list: -The feathers and the hair. I spent way to much money on that.
-My mom used to mach all us girls… that was embarrassing.
-I used to have a dress cover in neon fish… awkward.
-Stirrup pants. Nuf said.
-I also used to have a baby blue velour pant suit that was pretty hideous.


What is your go-to piece in your closet?
Men's button down lately. I like to try and class it up and make it feminine. All you ladies should try it.

When will we see your line of clothing? Because I know you sew like BAMF!
Ya know I haven't been sewing as much lately. It may be a while. After I get into the whole boutique thing and figure it out… but who knows. All the designing I’ve been doing lately has been wedding dresses. I think if I started a brand now it would be wedding dresses. Actually I would love to conquer the Mother of the bride dress. They are all the same awful dress, with the awful jacket and I hate it! Its horrible.

If your style was a beverage what would it be?
I would say an amaretto sour, because its a little classy and a has a little kick to it!


Check her out!
Blog - So This Is What I Wore
Instagram - @kittykatmeowmor


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