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"What's in" | New blog Series

I am excited to be starting a blog series next week where I will be talking about "what's in" my... SOCK DRAWER!!!... Wait a minute... Stupid auto correct! So annoying.

ahem... Sorry about that. I will be sharing "what's in" my briefcase, sketchbooks, supply containers, pencil case, studio, desk etc. All this and more!!! Its like an adventure thought Jon's office!

I wanted to show you guys parts of my process, the supplies I keep on hand, what I things I cant live without, and how I work on a daily basis... Kapeesh? Throughout the series you will also get some great product reviews of the many items I use every day around the studio. There will also be some kick ass guests featured so keep your eyes peeled for them too. ***eyes peeled: such a gross term. not sure how I feel about using it in a post... digress.

I'll be kicking off the series with a look through my sketchbook and some of my process. Sketchbooks are kinda personal so dont laugh at me... Ok? Come back Monday for the first post, and leave me comments here if you just gotta know  "What's in" ...whatever you can think of that is related to my work & life. I am more than happy to oblige you with a post on the subject!